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As the motto of the school goes “without God nothing” st John Bosco Secondary School, Doma cherishes and upholds the philosophy that academic training without proper religious and moral upbringing only leads to the creation of”clever devils “that could use knowledge to achieve selfish and dangerous aims. For these absolute reasons, the daily routine of the school is designed in a way that the students could receive a holistic education, that is, education that is founded on high academic, moral and spiritual standards.

Believing that education is one of the social services of the catholic church that could enable those who would not receive Jesus Christ directly to embrace him through it, the school, though owned and runned by the catholic Diocese of lafia,is open to students from different denominations and creed . However, participation in religious functions and activities is compulsory. While the Christian students worship together from Mondays to Saturdays with the exception of Sundays where the non- catholic Christian students worship separately in an inter-denominational service, the Muslim students have a mosque in the school where they observe their prayers and on Fridays are permitted to join other Muslim faithful in the town to observe Jummat prayers.

The following are the religious groups that are operational in the school:

  1. The young catholic students of Nigeria,(YCS)
  2. The fellowship of Christian students(FCS)
  3. The Muslim students of Nigeria, (MSN).

Not deviating from the primary goal of the church which is the spread of the goodnews as commanded by Jesus Christ; “Go, then, to all peoples everywhere and make them my disciples : baptise them in the name of the Father, the son and the holy spirit, and teach them to obey everything I have commandedyou”.(matt.28:19).

The school has put in place a catechetical class where religious instructions, the doctrine and teachings of the Catholic Church are given to catechumen preparing for the reception of sacraments