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The hierarchy of administration in St John Bosco Secondary School, Doma starts with the Bishop of the catholic diocese of Lafia, who is the proprietor of the school. The proprietor, defines, coordinates, reviews and evaluates all programmes and activities in St John Bosco in order to ensure that things work in line with the set goals of the school.

      Second in the administrative structure is the Catholic Educational Secretary of the diocese, the Board of Governors and the School Manager. At this level, each of these functionaries performs pivotal roles in the administration and effective running of the school. The Educational Secretary coordinates all educational affairs that fall under the Diocese in which the school is a part. The board of governors of the school is a body that also aids in decision making of the school with regards to the recruitment, promotion and discipline of staff and students. The School Manager is always the parish priest of Doma parish who serves as the eye and representative of the Bishop in the school.

         The principal is the head of the school’s management team. He oversees the day to day running of the school system. The principal works hand in hand with the academic and non-academic staff to ensure the smooth-running of the school. The principal implements decisions after due consultation with members of the management team. Through the Educational Secretary, the Principal keeps the Bishop updated with the events that happen in the school. Below is a sketch of the channel of duties and administrative out-look of the school: