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The extracurricular activities are geared towards developing working skills in the students and also geared towards teaching them about prioritising things in life. These activities include club and society activities, social activities, religious activities and sporting activities.

  • Clubs and Societies – The school has so many clubs and societies that are of great benefits to the students. Each of these clubs performs various functions and spices up the life of students in school. These clubs include:
  • The Debating club
  • The Press club
  • The Drama club
  • The Social club
  • The Young farmers club
  • The Jets club

Each of these clubs and societies has their basic functionality and benefits to the life and development of the students.

  • Social Life - The social life of the students is an epitome of the talents they have been blessed with. Realizing the need to nurture and develop these talents, the school has prepared a conducive atmosphere where these talents can be showcased. As part of their social life, the students organise a social night on monthly basis where they can display their singing and dancing skills. Also, the school has provided facilities whereby the students can watch movies and important football matches on days which the school deems fit for the entertainment of the students.