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      The school at its early stage kick started academic activities without fencing the entire land area covering both staff and students. Today the school is unfortunately divided by a major road, leaving the staff on one side and the students on another side. However both sides are now fenced and well secured with a security post to ensure the safety of both staff and students.

      The school has an administrative block complex and classroom blocks for all classes. For academic purposes, the school has a science laboratory, a modern library stocked with books, and a well equipped computer room with internet facilities. Being that the school is a boarding school, it has boarding facilities such as the dining hall and the hostels with toilets, bathrooms and adequate water supply. In total, the school has eight hostels namely:

  1. St. Gabriel’s house
  2. St. Michael’s house
  3. St. Peter’s house
  4. St. Paul’s house
  5. St. Luke’s house
  6. St. Mark’s house
  7. St. Mark’s house
  8. St. James’ house
  9. St. John’s house

       The school has good sports facilities. Some of these include two standard football fields, a standard basketball court, a volleyball court and a badminton court.

       In safeguarding the health condition of the staff and students, the school has a clinic where the school nurse administers medical services to ailing students. However, when medical cases that require urgent and better medical care arise, the school refers such cases to the general hospital or sends the student home to the parents for proper medical attention.